How to Get the Most Out of Your Mini Cooper

Living in an area that boasts a lot of interesting attractions can be a huge incentive for taking your mini cooper out for a spin. It’s usually a lot more fun to go someplace where you can let loose and even bring the kids. Here in Birmingham, AL there are tons of places to drive around to and enjoy like Steel City Pops, a Barons game, or zip lining at Railroad Park.  Taking care of your mini cooper enables you to easily scoot around the city limits.

Maintain Your Mini Cooper in 10,000 Mile Increments

Unless you live in the heart of Tornado Alley you won’t have much to worry about when driving around in the mostly mild weather. However, you might find it necessary to work with a top quality mini cooper birmingham al service department.

The hotter temperatures in summer can do unpleasant things to your engine. It is recommended that you service your mini every 5,000 miles. Pay attention to your service indicators, i.e. “onboard diagnostics”, to keep abreast of your filters, oil levels, and brakes.

Using a minimum of 91 octane gasoline will keep things running smoothly. 93 Octane may be used in cases where 91 may not be available, like if you happen to be traveling through Texas.

Check Engine Light, Good Oil, and When to Rebuild Your Engine

If your mini cooper engine light flicks on it’s a good bet that it’s an emissions or fuel efficiency issue. As soon as you notice this light come on, stop driving as soon as possible and contact the auto center.

It’s best to use 10w/40 full synthetic motor oil because this is used by most of the manufacturers who use it for other German made cars like Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Audi.

It is unlikely that you will need to rebuild your mini’s engine for many years. If you do, make sure you seek the best in professional auto services.